Excerpt from a Wedding Homily

With blessings for Ryan and Marisa…

Love grows and bends and stretches wide to teach us new rituals and traditions, to show us new faces in a family and new hands held tight, jumping over a broom.

dscn6245Love stretches across the room and through the neighborhood, across nationality and gender and race and the name of the land you were born on.

Love crosses all boundaries and knows no borders.  It doesn’t care about convention, human ordinance or what that pastor at that church said last week.

Love hops across fences in the flick of an eyelash and splits the dry, unchallenged ground beneath it, shaking wisdom at its core.

Love pushes and pulls. Love wins. Love twists us up until we run out of words, and then teaches us that the limits are within ourselves.


Rev. Darlene L. Kelley    October 29, 2016  Kingston, New York


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