For John

The Lilacs In full bloom and fragrance, the lilacs sang an irresistible opus, and I reached out to pull one closer to my nose. “Smell your own damn lilacs!” my neighbor yelled, and I struggled to laugh and breathe deeply at the same time. Like a snarky, stand-up comic, John inspired laughter with his satire.…Read more For John

For Bell Hooks and Baltimore

“Individual heterosexual women came to the movement from relationships where men were cruel, unkind, violent, unfaithful. Many of these men were radical thinkers who participated in movements for social justice, speaking out on behalf of the workers, the poor, speaking out on behalf of racial justice. However when it came to the issue of gender…Read more For Bell Hooks and Baltimore


“Eunice is to apple pie what Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel,” Rob called out one Sunday morning during the “Joys & Concerns” part of church. And the congregation voiced its approval with chuckles and murmurs, applause and Amen. Eunice’s baking skills were well known. She was the secret weapon of the United Methodist Women’s…Read more Eunice

For Birdie & Christopher

“Never bet against the Steelers.” That’s one of the things my friend, Owen, taught me. I don’t work in a bar anymore, and I’m not a huge football fan, but I’ll always put Owen and the Steelers together. If they ever win a Super Bowl, I’ll think, “Owen must be pleased.” After the Steelers, my…Read more For Birdie & Christopher

How To Lose Weight and Some Theological Stuff

For two cents, I’d write a little something about menopause, but I’m not sure anyone would read it—not even if I paid them the two cents. All the women’s magazines on the rack feature articles about weight loss. If you want a woman to open her wallet and toss you a few bucks, you’d better…Read more How To Lose Weight and Some Theological Stuff

A Moment In a Prison

“Remember Alex? He believes now.” “It’s true. I started reading this book, and suddenly it all made sense. Before, there was always something wrong, always some uneasiness. Now I know why. I was following the religion of the oppressor. Now that I’ve found liberation theology, I have something to believe in.”      The wedding…Read more A Moment In a Prison


“Your man is probably out there with Vanessa right now. He don’t care about you. He don’t love you!” JoJo stood up and Cookie countered; both women rising off the steel picnic table bolted to the floor. They wore orange jumpsuits with black numbers stenciled on their backs. “That’s enough!” the guard rose too from…Read more JoJo