Honored and blessed to give an Invocation at County Executive, Mike Hein’s, State of the County Address.  Our county is strong and innovative and green and beautiful, and our County Executive and his staff are awesome!

Here is my prayer:

Eternal God of all people and places, fill us with gratitude and grace and open our hearts to the mighty force of your healing love. Gather us in as your community of servants, filling us with the energy and righteous wisdom to do your will: to create peace, abundance and justice. Gather us in so we may grow together, promoting the best of our humanity and soothing the wounds of our needy. Open our hearts to one another and our eyes to the beauty of our beloved land.

Give us ears to hear your voice, O God, and open minds to work together to solve our problems, to watch over one another with loving-kindness. Keep us mindful. Guide our souls, our thoughts and all our actions that we might break down hostility and that which divides us, so we may continue to build a county full of promise and creative compassion.

We humbly ask that you watch over our County Executive, Mike Hein, and all who work for our great county. Continue to bless them and their families mightily, dear God, as they have so blessed us.

Sustain them through the challenges of reform and renewal.   Bless their efforts and keep them fresh and innovative, filled with grace and lead by your spirit, as they do the hard work of governance.

And bring all of us, Almighty God, your people, all of those gathered in with us tonight, and all the souls in this county called Ulster—bring us vision and health, clarity and courage that we may continue to bear witness to the marvelous possibilities of the human spirit and the great gift of our community. Amen.

Rev. Darlene L. Kelley   February 9, 2016


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