Introduction to the Wedding

Dearest family & friends,

We are gathered here, amid the beauty of nature, and in the presence of God, to unite Katharine & Benjamin in marriage. Yet, the joy and hope and excitement of this moment beat against a gulf of loss and sorrow. Just days ago, we lost our beloved Victoria, mother of the bride, wife, sister, daughter, friend to all.

We feel the tension between our dancing and mourning, our laughter and tears. Bittersweet and deep, we are riding waves of emotion, facing so brilliantly on this spring day the seasons of life.

So, breathe deep and let love and laughter rule the day. Share your love for Victoria in the book of memories and help us honor her wishes.

Draw your loved ones closer; watch over one another with gentleness and care.              Take your vitamins. Pull out your hankies…  It’s not easy to dance and mourn on the same day.

But weep now only tears of joy. Victoria is here. She is with us. Our loss is temporary. Our faith, and hers, assures us. Victoria is here, where she wants us all to be. And she is so proud of her children, and so very full of love for her family and friends that we can still feel her love whenever we need to.

So, breathe deep and feel the love all around us. Victoria is here, and she wants love and laughter to rule this special day!

17634805_10155349433426664_1210327605121027841_n~Rev. Darlene L. Kelley     April 9, 2017    For Ben and Kat and Victoria

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